Terms and conditions of Makroclick

Siam Makro Public Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has created a website www.makroclick.com with an objective to providing an online shopping service for customers. For your own benefit, before register to the website services, please exhaustively read the terms and conditions. If you have any misgivings about these terms and conditions, you may inquire the Company at [Makroclick; Call Center; Tel. 0-2335-5300, presses 2, every day at 06.00 - 23.00 p.m.].

Visiting or accessing any services in this website shall be considered that you has accepted and bound under this terms and conditions. In case you are disagree and not consent to bind yourself with this terms and conditions, please refrain from use of the website services.

1. Subscription of members

1.1 This website www.makroclick.com has rendered services to both Makro’s registered members and  general users for buying and attending sales promotion activities arranged on the website. The members’ benefits may vary according to the type of your Makro’s members. 

1.2 Registration for the member of the website www.makroclick.com requires provision of accurate, genuine, complete and updated personal information. Upon having alteration in the information, you must always update that information and the Company will manage the privacy information pursuant to the Company’s privacy policy

1.3 Member registration and purchase of the goods through www.makroclick.com, you must have at least 18 years of age.

1.4 For data verification, after registering the member for the first time, you have to confirm your identity via the e-mail (you will receive e-mail with link for verification) or mobile no. thru OTP (you will receive SMS with OTP code) before you will be able to order the goods through the website www.makroclick.com.

1.5 For non Makro membership card holder or general users, after you registered as the member at www.makroclick.com, a system will automatically apply you for the Makro membership card for you, whereby you can check your membership card number on the page of the website at the personal information menu and can contact for receiving the member card at the branch that you selected. 

1.6 Company reserves a right to terminate your use of Makroclick services and/or withdraw your membership without notice if, in our opinion, your use may violate any laws, inform forgeries information infringe upon another person's rights, any unlawful purpose, or breach the terms of this Agreement.

2. Details of goods, prices and orders

The Company has specified details of goods and prices for your preliminarily consideration. When you have decided to purchase the goods or services and place the order under the method for ordering goods, you shall consider and check details of goods and delivery place in a document displayed on a screen before pressing confirmation of the orders. 

When you press confirmation of orders, you will be considered as making an invitation to the Company’s offer to sell goods to you. You acknowledge that the Company will be able to distribute the goods to you according to a quantity of the goods that the Company has only. The Company cannot guarantee availability of all items of goods displayed in the page of the website, including prices alteration that may occur as a result of technical errors, substantial volume of incoming orders at the same time or change of prices during your making invitation to the Company. The Company will regard pressing confirmation of orders through www.makroclick.com  only a notification of the quantity of the goods in prices that you desire. The Company will confirm the quantity of the goods it has and can deliver to you

In case of not having the goods according to the quantity in your invitation or change of the price, the Company will notify you. If you confirm to purchase the goods according to the quantity that Company has or the price that changed, the Company will proceed to refund or request for payment of the different amount (in accordance with the Company’s conditions. However, if the Company does not have the goods as specified in the invitation, the Company will try to recommend you other similar goods. You can cancel the order of goods without incurring any expenses if viewing that the proposed goods do not satisfy your intention. The Company does not have a duty to take any responsibility in this case.

When you pay for product prices, it shall be deemed as you have acknowledged, satisfied and accepted the goods according to the prescribed particulars and qualifications. The Company does not certify or guarantee that the goods will suit your businesses or any specific intent. If you are unsure or would like additional information to ensure whether or not the goods that you wish to buy fit your businesses or desires, you shall inquire information at Makroclick Call Center (Tel. 0-2335-5300 extension 2), every day, at 06.00-23.00 p.m. before deciding to make the purchase of goods.

You acknowledge that any prices and promotions (sales promotion) in the website www.makroclick.com will be applicable only to the purchase of goods through this website and inapplicable to the purchase of goods at the Company’s branches.

3. Price payments

In case of the price payments at Makro branches, you are required to present your purchase order number when make the payment on the prescribed date specified in the order confirmation of the purchase order at the branch that you select to receive the goods. In case of online payment through the website www.makroclick.com, you must proceed in accordance with the payment steps until accomplishment and the system displays the result that your order of the goods is success. In case where the payment service provider that you choose does not approve your payment, the Company has a right to terminate your orders.   

4. Conditions on delivery and the change or return of the goods 

4.1 Conditions on taking delivery of the goods 

You must check on correctness and condition of the goods before signing to take delivery of the goods. Upon taking delivery of the goods, the Company will not be responsible in any defect or damage to the goods. 

In case where you cannot take delivery of the goods yourself, you can have another person take delivery of the goods instead by executing and showing the Power of Attorney and attaching therewith a copy of your National ID Card with the certified true copy and of the attorney-in-fact for taking delivery of the goods. The delivery shall be deemed as complete when you or your attorney-in-fact signs for taking delivery of the goods.

4.2 Conditions in the change or return of the goods 

In case where you wish to change or return the goods, the Company may consider the change or return of the goods pursuant to the terms and conditions prescribed by the Company. If the goods asked for such change or return has a perfect condition, you must contact for change or return of the goods with the Company’s branch that you take delivery of the goods within 7 days from the date on which you take delivery of the goods. The Company reserves a right to deny the change of the goods if finding that you improperly use the goods and use the goods in a way not in line with its type or goods are defective due to your own false. 

A request to return the goods after 7 days from the delivery date of the goods may be possible under the terms of guarantee, provided that, you have to directly contact with the distributor/producer of that goods.

5. Conditions on delivery of the goods 

In case where you make an order by applying the Company’s delivery-of-goods service, the Company’s officer will telephone to make an appointment on the delivery of the goods with you according to a telephone number notified at the time of payment. You cannot change an address or place for delivery of the goods upon paying for the goods. Therefore, you must thoroughly check the accuracy of the address or place for delivery of the goods before payment of product prices. 

The Company reserves the right for delivery of certain goods from manufacturers or distributors that may take time and may result in the delivery of the goods beyond the prescribed period. The Company’s officer will telephone the customers to notify about the schedule for delivery of the goods. 

The Company will deliver the goods upon receiving the payment confirmation from customers. In case of not receiving the goods within 3 days following the Company’s confirmation on the transportation of goods, please telephone Makroclick Call Center, Tel 0-2335-5300, presses 2, every day at 06.00 -23.00 p.m. 

The Company may not be liable for the delayed delivery of the goods as a result of a force majeure beyond the Company’s control. In case where the Company cannot deliver the goods to you for any reason such as nonexistence of a recipient at the place for delivery of the goods or a person residing at the place for delivery of the goods decline to take delivery of the goods, you must come to take delivery of the goods at the Company in person later. 

6.  Service charges for delivery of the goods 

The Company will inform you of a rate of service charges for delivery of the goods later. 

7. Intellectual property

The Company owns the website www.makroclick.com and works and/or is a licensee of copyrightable works, trademarks and right in any intellectual property (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “intellectual property”) in all texts, drawings, designs and works in any other intellectual property in the website. 

You as a viewer and/or service subscriber shall have duties to perform your duties in accordance with the law, good ethics, including these terms and conditions. You agree not to do any act constituting a copying, adaptation, download, distribution or communication to the public of drawing, texts and /or works in any other intellectual properties in the website in such a manner as to infringe on the right in any intellectual property without the Company’s permission. 

You as the viewer and /or service subscriber must not do any act that will affect the normal application, safety and validity of the website or devise a false statement for distorting the facts or identification of the website’s users or try to gain access to an account of other website’s users or commit any act in any manner causing obstruction to the ordinary application of the website and /or endangering the websites and other website’s users.

If you do any of the foregoing acts that impacts or the Company upon considering views such acts as likely to have an impact on the website or service subscribers of other websites, the Company will take a legal action and you must be accountable for any damage arising from the above-mentioned acts. 

8. Other terms

8.1 Applicable laws 

These terms and conditions, any sales transactions in the website www.makroclick.com and the dispute resolution between you and the Company relating to such transaction shall be governed by Thai laws. 

8.2 Disclaimers 

Failure to enforce any of the terms and conditions shall neither constitute a disclaimer in the said terms and conditions nor affect enforcement of the said terms and conditions in the future.

8.3 Amendments  

Modification of these terms and conditions shall depend on the Company’s sale discretion and will take effect upon notifying or making appearance on the website. Notification on alteration on the website and/or by means of an e-mail shall be deemed to have informed to you and you have acknowledged the notification and agree to comply with the said alteration.

8.4 Communication and notice 

You agree and accept communication between you and the Company mainly by the electronic means. 

9. Limitation of liability

The Company’s liability for any goods bought by you from the website will be restricted merely to prices of the goods bought by you only unless you will be capable of proving to the Company without any misgivings that the damage is beyond the product prices.    

10. Notification of or complaints 

The Company has provided for the customer service center for notification of difficulties or complaints on problems arising from subscription of the services in the purchase of goods for you and for instantly seeking a proper solution to you. If the Company cannot promptly take action as the complaints or address difficulties notified by you, the Company will notify reasons and anticipated duration to the complainant via the mail or telephone. You can notify the difficulties or complaints through Makroclick Call Center, Tel 0-2335-5300, presses 2, every day, at 06.00 - 23.00 p.m.