Mabin CHILI SAUCE 4900 ml. gallon.
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Product Description

Item Description : CHILI SAUCE

Brand : Mabin

Item Detail :

together with lively color to make a dish become more appetizing. As we pay attention to select the material, every drop of the sauce is full of quality and can be eaten by both children and adult. The product is good to eat with oyster omelets and omelets, or to dip with fried or grilled food. In addition, the product can be used to brew or mix to make a soup. It can enhance the taste for your favorite dish. With deliciousness that is guaranteed by the Bizarre Dish, one can trust the product’s quality. Furthermore, the product can be trusted as it has been in Thai people’s kitchen for more than 50 years

  •  4,900 g.
  • 1 gallon
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